Wingfoot Air Express – The First Airship Disaster


On Monday 21st July 1919 the Wingfoot Air Express (claimed by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company) collided with the Illinois Trust and Savings Building in Chicago, with the deficiency of 13 lives. This was the most noticeably terrible Airship debacle in the USA until the Zeppelin Airship, Hindenburg smashed in 1937. Of the 13 who kicked the bucket, one was a group part, two were travelers while the excess 10 were bank workers in the structure underneath.

The Wingfoot Air Express was conveying travelers from Grant Park to the White City Amusement Park when, at an elevation of about 1200ft, the art burst into flames over the Chicago Loop. When the group understood that the Airship was lost, the Pilot and the Chief Mechanic dropped to security alongside a third individual who broke the two legs and later passed on in medical clinic.

The Illinois Trust and Savings Bank expanding at the intersection of LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard, housed 150 workers who were shutting everything down the days business (the fire being accounted for to have begun at 4:55pm) in the principle banking lobby. The principle corridor was enlightened by an enormous lookout window and the remaining parts of the Wingfoot Air Express struck the banks lookout window straightforwardly making flaring garbage fall through to the lobby beneath. Just as the ten representatives who were killed, 27 individuals from staff were likewise revealed harmed.

After the accident, Chicago City Council forced a prohibition on hydrogen filled blimps from flying over populated pieces of the city. The Airships headquarters, Grant Park Airstrip, was likewise shut not long after the accident.

Distributed to pay tribute to the individuals who lost their lives while at their work in the bank, in a calamity that left all officials and employes sorrow striken.


Out of the unmistakable sky came a mass of flaring destruction which smashed through the huge bay window of this bank, bringing demise and injury into the Illinois Trust family. A major zeppelin cruising over the circle burst into flames 1,000 feet noticeable all around and came hurrying like a blazing comet, sensible. The finger of destiny had chosen the lookout window of this structure among the many level rooftops encompassing, on which the blimp was to strike.

This incredible misfortune brought about the demise of ten of the bank’s kin and the injury of 27 others, leaving a never to be neglected shadow over the whole establishment. Employes and officials were caught up with shutting everything down day’s business on July 21st. It had been a major day. Monday perpetually brings more business than different days of the week. A significant number of the employes as of now were coming back. Those still busy working were putting the last addresses the day’s worth of effort and would have left for home in a matter of seconds.

Out of nowhere, as though the entire rooftop was collapsing, there came a major accident and down through the bay window slipped the enormous, blazing dirigible with its bent iron and weighty system, past the overhang and down to the main floor upon the heads of employes who were working under the huge lookout window.