Why Science Falled Behind Western Science?


Science is the investigation of hypothesis, its confirmation through perception and trial and error to check those perceptions with regards to the hypothesis. On the off chance that the hypothesis is evident through a trial and a careful perception, it is effective in any case not. Science incorporates different areas of study like physical science, science, arithmetic and so forth. Science is enthusiasm of west yet actually it has its underlying foundations in India too. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to dissect the reasons about why India falled behind while the west advanced ahead to abandoned India in Science.

Why Indian science falled behind the western science and why Western science is further developed and real? Indian Science advances like anything more through the early long stretches of first 100 years to 11th century particularly stargazing. While Europe was all the while living in obscurity ages under pope and Christianity, Indians had previously gained ground in the math and cosmic sciences to give some examples. An Indian researcher was the main individual to refer to the possibility that the earth rotated round the sun and not the alternate way round which was an exceptional accomplishment made thousand years before Copernicus proposed his heliocentric hypothesis. Another Indian researcher proposed hypotheses on a few mathematical figures and other numerical evidences which appeared to be quite a long while cutting edge. It was India which gave the world zero and numbers.The numbers idea was given by India which was subsequently moved to Bedouin World by Middle Easterner Researcher which later gave to Europe. Subsequent to having accomplished such a lot of exceptional logical disclosures why Indian Science lingered behind?

Indian Science never considered a similar direction of improvement to be seen by western science during the renaissance time frame. The advancement of Science in west started by Newton and different researchers. Indian culture was Rank ridden.Society had layers of standings where each Position had its own genetic calling. There were hard lines coaxed between the standings and out of these limits nobody could hop so in the event that a vendor class laborer accomplish crafted by craftsmanship he needs to accomplish that work possibly regardless of whether he proposed a few respectable contemplations out of his mouth some prime was a careful garbage as it was not viewed as his calling. Brahmans were the main favored class to have some necessary input in scholarly issues while others classes were left without any such honor. So in a manner there was not such improvement of science was conceivable in old India where there was no opportunity of trade of contemplations and thoughts. When logical improvement got broke in 11th century A.D. it couldn’t had been kept up in the later years.


Development of print machine happened exclusively in thirteenth century not in India but rather in China. It was positively a mishap for India that it was not developed before. Paper is all the more impressive mechanism of putting away information and giving this information to people in the future, consequently expanding on the past information. The Indian old researchers (as before referenced names) could never have had the option to do as such. The information once made might have been lost perpetually and couldn’t be put away in a solid and minimal book. Conversely, western science when in its early stages in the fourteenth century might have exploited the open door as paper was at that point developed. So a researcher like Newton or Copernicus or Galileo might have passed such information as books. What might have occurred on the off chance that newton could never have passed his insight in type of book called the Principia of arithmetic or Copernicus could never have distributed his work of heliocentric hypothesis? Surely western science could never have advanced as it did. This information in type of books could be then be utilized by future researchers to additional the advancement of the western science. Development of paper can’t be refered to as the sole justification for Indian science to not to have advanced. There are a few additional reasons which needs examination as what was the genuine justification behind Indian Logical idea that began around fourth century B.C. couldn’t carry on to do what western science has accomplished.

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