Micro Switches: The Tiny Soldiers With Big Impacts


What is a “microswitch”?

They are built to be self-sustaining, which allows them to last around 9-10 million cycles before eventually disintegrating into useless ones. They don’t cost much and can be easily incorporated into the app. They can be implemented in various applications; However, their main attribute is that they can be activated easily. They are also quite durable, so you can’t expect them to shrink with minimal use. Therefore, they are widely recognized in consumer devices as well as other industrial applications, as well as many other applications that must go through a large part of the usage cycle during operation. They are most often used as safety devices due to their cheap and reliable nature. They can be used to open the chain when necessary, prevent the engine from starting or even close the door when someone is on or near the road.

How does this microswitch work?

As with other applications, the stress required by the load must be changed during movement. Therefore, a variable transformer is required. Most microswitches are made of a metal strip covered with a spring. If someone applies enough force to the switch, it’s very likely that it will rotate. If the force applied to the switch is not too strong and falls below the peak value limit, the metal band rotates again. The required activation force is higher than the required deactivation force.


What are the advantages of a microswitch?

They are often used to detect paper jams in devices such as printers and vending machines. They are also used as locking/locking/safety devices in microwave ovens and elevators. In systems such as sprinkler systems that have a tamper switch installed, the switch is used to detect whether the valve is open or not.

They are used in household appliances, industrial plants, machinery and also in vehicles such as cars and prove that they have a very wide range of applications.

What are the advantages of using this microswitch?

As mentioned above, this microswitch is durable and reliable in terms of performance. Switching takes place reliably in certain repeatable positions; this is not the case with other types of locks. The microswitch is therefore safe and comes with safety precautions. Therefore, they are reliable.

Because it is also durable, the old one does not need to be replaced with a new one. They can withstand several cycles of use before being permanently destroyed. Their cycle count reaches ten million. Hence, it can be considered a better option than other market switches.

The best thing about this microswitch is that it is less expensive than the market value of most other switches. They also face serious competition in terms of construction, design and reliability. Therefore, they are considered an “attractive” option for the electronics market. Don’t forget that they are an important part of electronics, which makes them even more popular.

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