Marketing Public Library Administrations in Sierra Leone


The idea of founding marketing standards to non-benefit organizations, for example, library and data Administrations is as of now not a discussion. Associations work in a climate of progress. Today we live in a worldwide market for some labor and products in which innovation, buying power and many variables change consistently. One of the critical elements of marketing is to figure out what these progressions mean for customers’ needs and needs and to foster hierarchical systems and plans that will guarantee that the library addresses these difficulties (Dransfield and Needham, 1995). It is subsequently not unexpected that public bookkeepers are joining the marketing fleeting trend. This article investigates the marketing exercises in the tasks of the Sierra Leone Public Library administrations.

Public Libraries

A Public Library is supported completely and mostly from public assets and the utilization of which isn’t confined to any class people locally however unreservedly accessible to all. It is a significant organization of edification for grown-ups, accommodating youngsters the recorded encounters of others which will assist them with developing into grown-ups.

Usherhood (1981) characterized Public Library as an association laid out, upheld and supported by the local area, either through nearby, territorial or public government or through some type of or other local area association. It gives admittance to information, data and works of creative mind through a scope of assets and administrations and similarly accessible to individuals from the public local area paying little heed to race, ethnicity, monetary and business status and instructive fulfillment.

The Sierra Leone Library Board (SLLB)

The Sierra Leone Library Board (SLLB) was laid out by Statute in June, 1959. The setting up of the Board was conceived in the Public authority’s White Paper on Instructive Advancement in 1958 and its capabilities illustrated in that as follows:

• To give a public/public library Administration;
• To help and support projects of grown-up and crucial schooling;
• To offer viable types of assistance for kids and youthful grown-ups including imperative administrations to schools;
• To give genuinely necessary data and references administrations;
• To give where required sufficient administrations to exceptional gatherings, that is ladies and young ladies, language gatherings.

The Focal Library is intended to give public administrations to Freetown and furthermore to work as settle of the Public/Public Library administrations and to give convenience to a developing assortment of book and non-book materials in the country. It does generally specialized handling of stock for the Territorial and Branch Libraries and has a Grown-up Loaning Reference and a Kids’ specialty.

Libraries are accused of liability to give data administration to help instructive, amusement and individual undertakings of the individuals from their particular networks and the Sierra Leone Library Board isn’t a special case for that. The accompanying administrations are given at the Sierra Leone Library Board to Customers:

Kids Administrations

The Sierra Leone Library Board gives data administrations to kids by the arrangement of books and different materials for youngsters which are much of the time housed in a unique segment known as the Youngsters’ Library. A unique help for kids known as kid orientated instructive program extraordinarily intended for more youthful library clients is remembered for the youngsters’ library administrations. They likewise offer types of assistance to youngsters through narrating, show/play and perusing resoundingly.

Book Getting and Loaning Administration

The principal assignment of Sierra Leone Library Board is to furnish people in general with admittance to books and periodicals. The Sierra Leone Library Board normally offers admittance to various books which are accessible for acquiring by anybody with the proper library card.

Current Mindfulness Administration

At the Sierra Leone Library Board, current mindfulness administration is pointed toward bringing to the notification of expected clients, recently accessible records and data administrations. This is finished by examining data and creating new optional sources, coursing current periodicals or different records gained and delivering and disseminating at least one types of releases.

Particular Spread of Data

A more private data administration is being run at the Sierra Leone Library Board in which the library continually tells library clients about specific data/materials matching them in a profile of the data needs and examination pre-control of their customer base. This is finished by either carrying references to important things to the notification of their clients and by acquiring duplicates and afterward supply the actual records to library clients.

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