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Low Tech Learning, High Effect Results

In presumably every field, the specialists like to recognize standards versus strategies.

The strategies are tips, stunts and methods that come by results.

At the point when they work, extraordinary – you don’t have to know anything past how to utilize them.

However, when they don’t work?

At times a slight change in setting, phrasing or conditions can close a strategy down. They will more often than not be fleeting – working just in specific circumstances and for specific times.

In the event that all you know are strategies, you’re in a difficult situation.

Standards are unique.

They make sense of how the strategies work and permit you to change them – or even make new ones.

They will quite often seldom change, even as culture and innovation change around them.

Beginners like strategies since they’re more straightforward to learn. Also, the truly gullible believe that is all they need. You can detect them on gatherings and at meetings, posing inquiries like, “how would I compose a top of the line novel” or “what’s the recipe for composing direct mail advertisements?”

Both of those questions have responds to. “Compose a part a day, at any rate” and “AIDA” separately.

Yet, those by themselves don’t let you know how to compose a book or a direct mail advertisement. They help, sure, yet they are inadequate.

The main genuine response is to get familiar with the standards of your specialty.

Certainly, it’ll take more time, it’ll be more earnestly and you will not have the option to apply what you realize right away.

Besides, you’ll need to *gasp* have an independent perspective – sorting out some way to apply standards is around 50% of the work.

At any rate, for what reason am I discussing this, in an article about low tech learning?

Since, in such a case that you’re an eLearning engineer, there are loads of cutting edge stages out there. Local area video sharing, computer based intelligence driven curation, mixed media feasts for the faculties…

Every one of them add new instruments to your collection.

New strategies.

In the event that you don’t figure out the standards behind eLearning, however, they won’t help you. The fanciest vehicle can’t help the most awful driver.

At the point when you comprehend the standards, you can perceive how to utilize these new, cutting edge strategies.

You can likewise work around them.

I’ve made fun, drawing in and successful courses utilizing only text-just discussions. These seemed to be stuff from the early web – repulsive, not easy to use and certainly low-tech.

Also, I’ve made them utilizing only PowerPoint. At the point when I say ‘nothing’, I mean not in any event, including an educator. It was independent, with only text and pictures.

It was fine. It was simple, as a matter of fact.

At the point when you comprehend how grown-ups realize, what inspires them, what’s fun and drawing in, what might shock them, then the tech turns into a good to-have.