Further developing Parking garages: Six Thoughts From a Carefully prepared Customer


Parking garages have turned into a terrifying encounter for me, so unnerving I feel like I ought to be driving a tank and wearing a flack coat. My old neighborhood of Rochester, Minnesota is a flourishing city, the quickest developing city in the state. New organizations are opening constantly.

A few organizations have very much planned parking garages and others appear to have no plan by any means. Each time I go to the supermarket I stress over my vehicle getting dinged. Drivers overlook the one-way bolts and the spaces are excessively tight. To put it plainly, the supermarket parking area is a precarious situation.

Parking area configuration is a mind boggling subject that includes design, the state of spaces (rectangular or calculated), and lighting. The Public Establishment of Building Sciences examines parts of plan in a site article, “Stopping Offices.” As per the article, sufficient stopping “is one of the significant issues of our times.” Tragically, many stores think about parking areas a bit of hindsight.

Walkers need to wind around their way through traffic. Roads prompting the parking garage are frequently clogged or foolish. A parking area in my town transforms into a lake after a storm and water rises mostly up vehicle entryways. Customers need to swim from the stores to their vehicles.

The College of Nevada tends to parking garage principles in its article, “Creative Stopping Plan.” Appropriate seepage is one focal point of the article. Ineffectively planned parts might gather and convey contaminated overflow, the article notes. Rather than introducing controls, the College of Nebada suggests low regions, or sumps, with cuts for spillover. Snow heap regions and finished cushion regions are likewise suggested.

As a carefully prepared customer and somebody who is worried about private and public security, I have a few thoughts for further developing parking garages.

1. Make the spaces bigger. Assuming the spaces were bigger, customers wouldn’t need to stress over dings in their vehicles. Stacking food and bundles would be more straightforward also.

2. Enlarge the paths. This would give drivers really moving room and make pulling out simpler.


3. Plant a few trees. Rochester, Minnesota is the start of the grassland and winds can whip across the scene. Trees would go about as a windbreak and give conceal in he summer. Obviously, the trees shouldn’t drop natural product or sap on vehicles.

4. Add walkways. The walkways could joined with scene. Walkways would further develop security and attract customers to stores.

5. Add really lighting. Token lighting is perilous lighting. Lights should introduced along the border of the parking area and along all columns.

6. Variety code paths or imprint with shapes. At the point when you park in a huge parcel it’s not difficult to forget where you stopped. One Twin Urban areas part utilizes creature signs. I can recall whether I stopped in the rabbit part or the deer parcel.

These enhancements would make daytime shopping more straightforward and evening shopping more secure. At the point when I park in a very much planned part, I realize the store has pondered my security. Very much planned parts make me, and perhaps you, a bring client back.
Harriet Hodgson has been a free columnist for 30+ years. Her 24th book, “Grinning Through Your Tears: Expecting Anguish,” composed with Lois Krahn, MD, is accessible from Amazon.

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