E-cards Celebrate Thanksgiving Harvest of Family and Friends


American and Canadian Thanksgiving Days are types of reap celebrations, age-old festivals held worldwide from the Ikore in Nigeria to the Chuseok in Korea. Each occasion involves delicious dining experiences ready with food sources accumulated from as of late collected harvests; appreciation for the abundance of life-supporting food, yet additionally, and all the more critically, that of loved ones; and much joy.

Today, in any case, with close family frequently a long way from more distant family or a huge organization of loved ones close by however going to various occasion suppers, the inquiry turns out to be: how would we recall, how would we show our appreciation, for those dear to us that we won’t see on Thanksgiving Day? Or then again even, how would we track down an imaginative, genuine means to additionally commend the significant people with whom we do celebrate? Since their origin in 1996, electronic hello cards have made passing on genuine musings, sentiments and kindly words impressively simpler. Moreover, e-cards are opportune in our “becoming environmentally viable” social environment on the grounds that their carbon impression is altogether lower than that of paper card organizations and no paper item is utilized.


While picking an e-card, you might wish to think about the accompanying components: Is the e-card a multi-media experience from start to finish? Is the card particular? Do you interface with it in some capacity? Also, what amount does it cost?

With one special case from their “Tendency’s Sketchbook,” Hallmark’s web-based index choice is entertaining. They offer some free e-cards. Their higher tech cards are on normal $1.99 per card. American Greetings cards start with a straightforward “Your e-card is stacking” with a heap bar on a foundation. Most choices incorporate photography, and watermarks consolidated into textual style use, with negligible activity as overlay. When a client gives an email address, they present their $15.99 each year enrollment expense.

In contrast to their corporate partners, Jacquie Lawson’s and Ojolie’s destinations are worked by individual craftsmen who make vivified e-cards. The two craftsmen give a multi-media (visual and melodic) show. The two craftsmen give astounding imaginative dreams. The two craftsmen clarify participation costs promptly.

The fall shading range that Lawson’s cards utilize will in general be more serious. Her cards contain customary Thanksgiving symbolism, like the pioneer’s cap and abundance in her “Turkey in the Straw” and Harvest Song” choices just as the horse shelter owl, corn, and conestoga cart with reap in “Homecoming.” Her most vivacious contribution is maybe “Pumpkin Pie,” in which watchers click on pumpkins and afterward watch the pie being made. Lawson’s participation charge is $12 for one year or $18 for a long time.

On Ojolie, craftsman Frederikke Tu’s vision is contemporary and prompt, yet still utilizes an enthusiasm for untamed life and nature. In “Turkey Day,” the “Snap to see card” presentation develops pumpkins on plants. The card contains four intricate, vivified scenes, prompting a present day, expanded meaning of “family” to incorporate pets. In Tu’s “Creative Squirrels,” which starts to play when the watcher taps on an over jay a hello card, how creatures, individuals, “family,” and gather are interlocked is stressed . “Culinary Masterpiece,” joins profound, clear fall shades and inventive liveliness at its best, with a melody from “The Nutcracker” acting behind the scenes while food turns out to be, all things considered, more…significantly more… Ojolie’s participation is $10 for one year or $15 for a very long time.

This year, how are you going to communicate the soul of offering gratitude for valuable harvests of loved ones?