Dispassionate Fullerene Science, Nanotechnology, Freedom, Opportunity, Science and the US Constitution


Dear peruser, this Ezine article has been composed for examination by more than 6000 nano-researchers. Its subject recommends to the overall population that moral nanotechnology plays a significant part to play in achieving another period of worldwide freedom and opportunity. It very well may be contended that this can come to fruition assuming nanotechnology is created in contact with a clinical science, to direct honoring government to improve the worldwide human condition. While the article is about the fractal idea of Mesopotamian legendary math, it is completely understood that other antiquated societies, including Indian and Chinese civilisations, contributed boundless fractal numerical ideas into the development of the old third Century BC Dispassionate practice of Greek science.

Conversations about legislative issues, sex and religion will quite often incite extreme debate. Nonetheless, this paper is about an expansive speculation of each of the three of these petulant issues. They are mind boggling to the point that main a supercomputer, given millennia of information could enough make sense of their working in the extraordinary round of life, which is connected with sound human development.

During the 1990s, the Science-Workmanship Exploration Focus of Australia had its supercomputer papers about shell life-structure energies reproduced by the world’s driving mechanical examination foundation, IEEE., and an American Establishment for Fundamental Exploration. These papers were universally acclaimed for the disclosure of new numerical and physical science regulations administering ideal natural development and improvement through space-time. The point of this article is to assist in the development of a second supercomputer with programing, which can be alluded to as the Fuller-Snow ‘World Game Helpful Hypothesis’ for human endurance.

China’s most exceptionally granted physicist, Kun Huang, gave the examination philosophy used to make the revelation of the new physical science regulations conceivable. He contended by and by with Albert Einstein over the issue. Presently, nanotechnology has affirmed that his shell exhortation in 1979 applies straightforwardly to the human condition.

The old Egyptians utilized the consecrated calculations of life to give an instinctive articulation of the working of a boundless universe. Standard science presently understands that they were utilizing parts of fractal mathematical rationale reaching out to boundlessness. In any case, our present worldwide science and innovation prohibits that mathematical rationale to have a place with any residing transformative cycle. Einstein’s virtuoso can now be really deified by altering it so his general energies of disarray are displayed to ensnare with these tragically missing antiquated endless life energies.

The twentieth Century Einsteinian perspective was represented by a law of general mayhem that requests that all life in the universe should become wiped out. Thusly, under these conditions the living system couldn’t realistically reach out to boundlessness. Notwithstanding, nanotechnology has shown that the antiquated Greek science was right.

The human atom of feeling, found in 1972, presently a piece of quantum science’s trap with Einstein’s quantum mechanics, is, truth be told, a limitless fractal articulation. Our feelings capability in complete inconsistency to the regulations overseeing our present disastrously imbalanced science and innovation.


This actually intends that, as was found just last hundred years, feelings have a place with Sir Isaac Newton’s more significant regular way of thinking to adjust his mechanical depiction of the universe. It is critical that his perspective is liberated from any further Christian order of this being a criminally crazy sin. Newton held to his more significant ideas of a limitless universe, when he composed his incredible speculations of science. This is apparent in his own letters to Richard Bentley, in which he connected gravity with light, to give developmental guidance to the human digestion. It is preposterous to demand that irregular exhaust from his speculative chemistry research facility brought about a criminally crazy psyche, simultaneously when he was getting such things done.

The cutting edge lopsided logical perspective comprises a political bad dream of worldwide extents. With change, this can be sufficiently tended to as a clinical supercomputer program, working to direct praising legislatures all through the world. The resultant innovation, to improve the human condition, is past the origination of present uneven standard science. Notwithstanding, offered the chance, there are an adequate number of learned researchers to make the PC program, because of the researcher Kun Huang. It is presently conceivable to expand the shell research to acquire the quantum natural diagram for human endurance.

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