HIPAA 5010 Implementation for Medical Billing

adminHIPAA 5010 was adopted to replace the current version of the standard that affected organizations should use when conducting electronic transactions. The current version 4010 is used according to the HIPAA standard. While HIPAA version 5010 receives far less attention than the ICD-10 medical code, it is just as important and doctors, healthcare professionals, and … Read more

New Healthcare and How It Will Impact Medical Billing

adminRadiology practices and imaging centers face many threats to their profits. Radiological invoices are getting more and more complicated and reimbursements are decreasing. There are three main challenges that you must understand and overcome in order for your radiology business to thrive in the years to come. The future is lacking. The merging of service … Read more

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adminEverything in the medical field must be done with knowledge, professionalism and experience. And this statement should apply not only to medical staff, but also to administrative staff, as well as to all levels of medical practice: it will be hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, nursing homes. center, etc. Administrations, managers, … Read more

Lean Thinking With Focus on Medical Billing and Coding Services

adminEasy Thinking refers to the way organizations think or think to achieve truly seamless operations focused on customer value. This includes alignment across functions within the organization to increase efficiency and achieve waste-free operations. However, that’s easier said than done! It takes a house with lean tools geared towards a greater organizational commitment to improving … Read more

Effective Marketing for Your Medical Billing Service

adminMarketing is the hardest part of medical billing for most medical bill holders. Collecting fees, introducing fees and payments, filing claims, pursuing denied or unpaid claims, that’s the easiest part. Getting customers is usually what keeps most people going. Dan Kennedy (a very successful marketing consultant) says that “Marketing is not something you learn, it … Read more

Access Situation and Finances to Get Best Landlords Insurance

Landowners protection is turning into a prevailing fashion. However, there is a purpose for it. These days leasing property is seeming well and good. One can yield a great deal of cash by letting out the convenience to someone else. Particularly in the intense economy, letting an extra house or even a room settles on … Read more