How To Get An Early Advance On Your Inheritance

adminWhen someone has died and left a legacy for you, the judicial process has to take place, which is also time consuming. However, there may be expenses that you need to take care of and you need money up front. To help you in a situation like this, there are several ways you can get … Read more

Money Rules and People Follow It

adminIf anyone needs more proof of truth with these words, the US election and the rise and rise of Donald Trump are spot on. A billionaire who has everything he wants or needs is now promising the most outrageous policies if he is elected President of the United States. Leading politicians around the world held … Read more

How to Identify Grant Writer Red Flags

adminThe scholarship writing industry is full of “scams”. Since receiving a scholarship and its preparation process costs a lot of money that many traders and scholarship writers who may be unethical seek a share of the market. It is estimated that at least half of all funding writing sites come from funding fraudulent sources. The … Read more

Money and Wealth in the Last Days

adminMany years ago when I was growing up, there were no millionaires in our Australian society. Everyone struggles to renew their paid plans week by week as their kids grow and are taught to respect the environment and the things we have. Recycling was a part of it, and my grandmother, who suffered from depression … Read more

Brexit and the Financial Effect on Australia

adminIn Australia, we have nothing to do with whether the UK has a European United Nations system. What we are seeing, however, is a holistic view of the big picture. Since most of our population is of European or British descent, this has to do with what happens in their home country and, of course, … Read more

Why Is Money the Most Important Topic for Most People?

adminMISTAKE 1: DO NOT CONNECT YOUR BANK TO XERO Why? You could potentially ignore when customers pay, or worse, fail to notice you when they don’t, and you could run into money problems using old data instead of updated real-time information. What to do: Imagine logging into an application every day that pulls banking transactions … Read more