Restoring Ancient Ethical Mathematics to Guide an Ennobling Government

adminIn 2010 the American Mathematical Society published Ruben Hersh’s Surviving Mathematics: What Can We Do When We Do Mathematics? The book claims that there is no code of ethics in pure mathematics, but the authors worry that “mathematicians may enter a rather inhumane state of mind that is completely cut off from humanity”. His concerns … Read more

MAV Flapping Wings Using Repelling Magnets Concept

adminOne of the holy grails in microplane or MAV design is creating prototypes that mimic birds or flying insects. Why? Just because evolution is the best designer of all, successful designs, those that don’t, evolve, but the species perishes. Yes, it’s a harsh reality of nature, but we can learn from their incredible and proven … Read more

Tax Robot Workers To Level The Playing Field For Human Labor?

adminOver the years there have been many science fiction writers, myself included, talking about the future challenges of intelligent machines and intelligent robots – one of the biggest problems foreseen of course that humans cannot cope with the rapid development of computer science. getting smarter every day and at this rate people will soon become … Read more

Role Of Robotics In The Progressive Education System For The 21st Century

adminWith the specific end goal of teaching in the 21st century, educational institutions and faculty must develop and maintain student enthusiasm for the curriculum by demonstrating and teaching skills to transfer book knowledge into real-world applications. Robotics – Applied Science Before we understand the need to incorporate robotics into today’s education system, we need to … Read more