A Letter to Science About the Cure for Disease


The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent-Gyorgyi was the fellow benefactor of the American Public Starting point for Disease Exploration. His ‘Letter to Science’ in 1974 expressed that the acknowledged standards for applying for significant government malignant growth research subsidizing was counterproductive. From his political-clinical science viewpoint, the subsidizing for a solution for disease was forestalled on the grounds that the acknowledged standards for significant exploration was itself cancer-causing in nature.

As a Hungarian resident during The Second Great War he kept away from catch by the Gestapo for holding political theory speculations hostile to the Extremist government. After the conflict he declined the political speculations of Russian socialism to seek after his malignant growth research in America. His letter to science utilized political thoughts having a place with the old agnostic Greek nuclear Science for Moral Closures. The agnostic idea of the multi day moon development reverberating feeling framing numerical data to the nuclear digestion related with the female cycle, had been educated at the Luxurious College in old Athens.

These thoughts in any case, go past the constraints having a place with current science dwelling inside the overall sets of laws of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We trust that science can determine the issue and that this may be of reasonable future worth to each of the three by giving a fix to malignant growth and presenting to them a more kindhearted worldwide logical culture.

Szent-Gyorgyi saw the old Greek ideal to foster a political theory to direct praising government for the wellbeing of the universe, to keep away from the eradication of progress, as a clinical issue. It is the exact inverse of the predominant worldwide logical thermodynamic culture, which as a matter of fact requests the termination of all life in the universe. This passing religion idea of reality plainly has a place with a cancer-causing logical outlook.

The possibility of American Majority rule government contains parts of the antiquated Greek moral political theory. In 2017 this idea of a vote based system was plainly uncovered to be a plutocracy: government by the rich. We can contend that inside a culture driven by thermodynamic disarray this ongoing plutocracy likely could be a good judgment essential for guaranteed financial ancestral endurance, propelled by moral popularity based values. Nonetheless, its inborn logical, cancer-causing nature should sometime achieve a rehash of its very much recorded cyclic obliteration of ancestral social orders. Cancer-causing science is presently assisting with speeding up this cycle toward a terminal state, in dutifulness to the predominant thermodynamic elimination regulation.

Everything necessary to develop past that particular situation is simply to put the plutocratic skill close by significant endurance counteractant rationale inside a PC set up to produce human endurance diagram recreations. Such recreations will frame new innovative rules to accumulate unbelievable abundance, along with the organization rules to help individuals. This model is rather than the fanciful expectations existing inside a general public in view of the present worldwide inflow of broken data.


This critical examination procedure had proactively been ordered this long period, however the clear malignant growth fix information was, as Szent-Gyorgyi anticipated, totally overlooked. In 1979 China’s most exceptionally granted physicist, Kun Huang, furnished Australian Science-Workmanship specialists with the approach to quantify the presence of the existence force. He recommended that by utilizing Szent’s comprehension Gyorgyi might interpret old Greek numerical math, it ought to be feasible to foster a logical program to create reproductions showing the advancement of shell development and improvement through space-time.

In the event that the reenactments coordinated impeccably with shells recorded inside the fossil record, the physical science regulations overseeing the advancement of life would have been found. During the 1980s, this trial was effectively done in Australia. In 1990 the world’s biggest mechanical exploration foundation, IEEE in Washington, reproduced the revelation from distributed papers by Italy’s driving logical diary, Il Nuovo Cimento. IEEE acclaimed it to be one of the twentieth Century’s extraordinary optical numerical revelations, setting it close by such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Cramp.

In 1995 this numerical disclosure was rendered into a material science design by the Leader of the Foundation of Essential Exploration in America, to find new physical science regulations overseeing the development of living things. The predominant thermodynamic numerical rationale was displayed to produce advanced twisted cancer-causing life-structure reproductions. Szent-Gyorgyi’s disease research perception about broken thermodynamic data was enacted to totally invalidate the Australian task to get a human endurance outline. Researchers all over the planet had no real option except to concur that shells did without a doubt convey pivotal transformative endurance data since it was obviously recorded on unthinking shell fossil items. Not even one of them understood the straightforward truth, that carrying on with life-structures inside the shells had sent that data to the developing shell arrangement. Szent-Gyorgyi, who had anticipated such an outlandish circumstance had composed a book about it, named ‘The Insane Gorilla’. The researchers wouldn’t permit the living system to utilize endless numerical rationale on the grounds that their out of date non-reasonable thermodynamic culture had previously condemned all life in the universe to annihilation.

The Nobel Laureate’s portrayal of an insane chimp mentality, notwithstanding, had characterized a completely normal condition of numerical schizophrenia existing at the beginning of development. This reality possibly features the unimaginable mechanical capability of mankind in the event that an extraordinary political pioneer tries to energize the age of the human endurance diagrams referenced previously. From such plans totally new advances can be immediately evolved to help the human condition.

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